Once or twice a year we, as Fluff 'n Purrs' household prepare for the coming of new life.

This isn't something that just happens.... It involves a lot of research and detective work.

Is the combination we're thinking of a good one? How is the health of the parents? Are they both tested? How are the tempraments of the parents? What can we expect of the thought of combination?

The main goal of breeding is and always will be the prosperity and, if needed, enhancement of the breed


Since the kittens of Belle and Artagan have been born on December 18th 2014 (see kitten page), there are no imidiate plans.







Fill in the Day, Month and Year of the mating.
The delivery calander will calculate the expected day the kittens will be born.
The gestation period of a queen will on average last between 63 and 70 days.

day - month - year--- - -

(average of 65 days) dagen

The kittens are expected on