Here I would like to introduce to you the future of our cattery.

The plan is that these ladies will become the mothers of the future Fluff 'n Purrs' kittens,

but only after they have been tested for Fiv Felv and genetic defects.


Let me introduce to you our ruling queens ;)



She came and stole my heart.. It was that simple.

She was born, welcomed with open arms and has grown to be an incredible sweet and beautiful girl, that has turned out to be an amazing mom.

She is a little sparkle of light in our life every day :)


(Fluff 'n Purrs' Beldaran)

13 June 2010


Siubhan (a.k.a Egglette)

(Fluff 'n Purrs' Siubhan)

december 18th 2014

MCO ns


What to tell you about Siubhan?

Let's start with the Egglette bit.... why in heavensname would you name your cat Egglette when she has a beautiful name like Siubhan (you pronounce it as Shufawn, it's Scottisch and they have their own way of spelling things sometimes ;) )

But anyway.. Egglette, it started as a joke... In the Netherlands, when you encounter someone who is just a really, really happy being, you tend to call them a "happy egg" (blij ei) and believe me, Siubhan is probably the image you see when you look up "Happy" in the dictionary.. that's how happy, fearless and just full of love and joy she is. So we started to call her Egg, then lil' Egg and it just grew into Egglette... and here she is, ready to become the next fabulous Fluff 'n Purrs' mamma :)