Beldaran & Schumi 2013

Maine Coon cattery

Fluff 'n Purrs'

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On the 25th of October 2013,

Fluff 'n Purrs' Beldaran

Minstrel Hall's Dandelion

    " Schumi"

became the proud parents of 6 healthy kittens..

As before, this litter's names have been taken from books from one of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey and her "Hawkbrothers"

COI            :         11.3%

Top 5         :         67.3%

Clones        :         30.4%



black tabby torti with white, MCO f 22 09


blue tabby blotched, MCO a 22


black tabby blotched, MCO n 22

Stormcloud (Prince)

black tabby blotched, MCO n22

Starwind (Koen)

blue silver tabby blotched, MCO ns 22